October Update

Hello It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the last post.  RECENT PUBLICATIONS Showbiz First up was a big one - Anglia in Bloom – the filming of the Award ceremony from the Burgess Hall in St Ives. At 1hr 53min it is a long show and I don’t expect anyone to actually watch it all. I will try and add markers so viewers can jump straight in a watch the category they were entered in. Please share the link so as many of those groups who entered and watch the video.   The Outdoors Next is the Bushcraft lab UK videos which are great fun to film and supplied with a never-ending pot 😊 of curry Wurst. This is a chance to take several new products into the field and road test them properly, straight from the package and usually burning them This set of videos looked at compact cooking stoves. To watch them have a look here -   More Showbiz We have been working with The Ukulele Orche

September Roundup

Hello.  Thought I would share a flavour of some of the work I have been doing today as I work on various video projects. One has been adjusting the audio levels and clarity of the latest film "The Seduction of Monet Dawson" # MonetDawson along with finalising the credits and adjusting some of the shots. The film will be released later this year/early next year. Next on the list is setting the shots for the latest adverts for # BushcraftLabUK reviewing and testing the latest in camping cookers. Three cameras were used for the filming of this to try and get the best angles for all the equipment. To see some of the videos previously made have a look at the webpage which explains a bit more about them and the company. Later will be setting the camera rig to hopefully film a podcast interview in Cambridge tomorrow as long as the weather plays ball.  Soon to be released will be the Anglia in Bloom Awards

July Edition Blog Post

It has been a few months since my last post, so I thought I better do an update. A lot has changed since my last one. On 21 May I handed in my notice at my second job. A job I used to supplement my pay while I set up my own business and established myself with setting up the website, social media and decent portfolio. After running the business part-time for two years I decided things needed to change. On 22 June I finally was able to go full time which I found quite liberating. I have to say I was crapping myself at the thought of taking the massive leap to going freelance full-time with no safely net. It is still scary, but I don’t have to squeeze my business working day into 4-hour window in the morning. It was very much “today I will just do admin, today I will just do editing…” very much one thing per day.  It was so easy to get caught up with admin and emails first thing and end up loosing an available day. But it did make for a long day. Sometimes having to b

Book at Bedtime

Book at Bedtime Every night this week I am posting a children's book read by a well known local as part of the Fenland WordUp! Festival celebrating the written word. I created these videos with the help of a small team. Hope you enjoy them and encourage your children to watch too. The Event Trailer 12 April 2018 One of the readers is Steve Barclay MP, reading Six Dinner Sid. To watch all the videos from this great event, go to Book at Bedtime stories.

A Local Hero

In October 2017, I was approached by the Chatteris branch of the Royal British Legion (RBL) to help document the Commemoration Service of Victoria Cross recipient Private George Clare who grew up in the town. This is the biggest project I have undertaken since starting the business. The initial brief sounded straight forward enough, but the more I thought about it and started planning, it quickly became apparent that this would be would be more complex.  I was not going to be able to film the whole event by myself. The event was happening in different locations and moving between them as the parade marches. Staying ahead would be difficult.  So I contacted two other cameramen, one of which is also a sound man which meant he could look after the audio recordings of the event. This would leave me free to concentrate on the filming and co-ordinating the team.  The Parade started on Clare Street at the location of where George Clare lived where a blue plaque was unveiled passing by

Archaeology Dig

Archaeology Dig  Today was the unveiling of three films I have been working on for the past month at the public open day at Marham Park, Fornham All Saints nr Bury St Edmunds. I went down for the day to see how the exhibition ran and how the films were received by the public. It was a busy day and the event was well turned out. I was first approached on 15 Jul 2017 by Suffolk Archaeology CIC and asked if I would like to do a small filming job. I was intrigued and as I love archaeology and was excited the idea of being involved. Getting to see actual digging at first hand.  The one thing that surprised me how much physical labour it takes to just to get near what they want. I now appreciate how much work goes into these digs just to get to area needed to study. I hope that comes across in the films.  In the end I produced a main 10 minute film which was part of a series of dig diaries, which they filmed and I pieced together. I also put together 7,000 stills to create a timelap